This course is for those

who want to live ...

Free from the glue of old trauma

Free from unhappy memories

Free from worries about the future

Taught by psychotherapist Richard Lewis MNCS Accred, the course offers a deep healing that helps you reframe your whole life story.

Choose this course if ...

Something isn't sitting right in your feelings

But you're not quite ready for therapy

Or you're not sure that therapy is for you

Perhaps ...

The past feels painful

The future seems fearful or hopeless

You have lingering anger or resentment

You feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere

At the end of this course you will understand ...

  • Your true nature and your true gifts
  • How to change how you feel
  • How to reclaim your power
  • How to describe and face your fears
  • How to handle guilt, anger and resentment
  • How to spot and handle invalidators
  • How to focus your mission
  • How to rewrite your life to complete that mission

"Gentle, intelligent, trustworthy. Each one is a little masterpiece"

Dr Wendy Saunderson. Ulster University, Belfast.

Course tutor Richard Lewis is a pluralistic psychotherapist practising in the UK.

As a therapist he is used to helping clients locate and evolve unhelpful narratives to help them heal from past wounds and move beyond obstacles.

He's also used to supporting the client as they make discoveries about themselves and their past and come to new decisions about the future.

While he was out walking, he realised there was a way to combine both techniques in writing and voice.

He realised this could help you examine, understand and re-evaluate your life narrative.

Watch Richard explain how it works in the video below.

How this course works

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30 walk-and-talk audio sessions

Each "lesson" takes the form of an audio lecture, but leave your notebook aside. These stories are designed to be listened to while walking, or even ironing, gardening, washing up or staring out of the window.

37-page workbook

Yours to download and keep

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"Beautifully done. Bravo."

Seth Godin

"We're on a similar mission."
"Gentle, intelligent, trustworthy."

Dr Wendy Saunderson

Ulster University

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Course Curriculum

  Section One — Where our stories come from
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section Two — How your story is constructed
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section Three — How to edit and rewrite your story
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days after you enroll

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Course Credits

Writer: Richard Lewis. Producer: Oliver Feldman.